Have you ever experienced Climate Despair or Eco-Anxiety? Do terms like Solastasia resonate with you?

Call 1-833-EMO-4ECO → leave us a voice message to express your fears, anger, grief and/or confusion concerning the state of our planet. All messages will be anonymously added to our ongoing archive of collective expression.

Climate Summit

Sept 23-26, 2021
For the 2021 Hollywood Climate Summit, we are providing Entertainment Industry players a safe, comfortable and non-judgmental space to contribute their voice to this public experiment. We invite the public to tell us what’s on their mind, share a story, or confess a secret, we’re here to listen.
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Field Workshop
Action Projects

August 1-14, 2020
During Field Workshop, hosted at the Institute for Contemporary Art Los Angeles (ICA LA), we prototyped the Climate Crisis Hotline. Similar to a confession booth or wishing well, our multi-faceted platform sought to validate individuals’ concerns and give everyone an opportunity to participate in a community dialogue. Through a variety of outreach and engagement methods we invited members of the public to connect, unwind and respond.

With the understanding that the Climate Crisis is deeply entwined with other ongoing injustices and struggles, we hosted a safe, comfortable and non-judgmental space to verbally confront the topic of Solastasia, the paralyzing melancholia induced by environmental distress. The weeklong ICA LA residency concluded with the public calling 1-833-EMO-4ECO and speaking to us live on KCHUNG Radio.

For five days, we conducted daily workshops both in person and remotely. Each workshop helped formulate questions, devise content, and conduct exercises about language surrounding eco-anxiety and environmental distress. Prominent environmental scholars and psychologists joined the dialogue to address the growing nomenclature of eco-anxiety.


Lacking Language

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Eco-Anxiety, Climate Despair and Solastalgia are terms created in the last few years to give definition to our increasing feelings on environmental changes. This collective workshop focused on co-defining the language for verbal validation.

Talking / Listening

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The first step to confronting our feelings towards the Climate Crisis is through speaking about it. This workshop collectively developed conversational frameworks focused on safe, comfortable and non-judgemental outreach methods.

*This is ELIZA, the first psychotherapist chatbot. Test it out!

This program is still on-going, please call and leave a message!

Want to volunteer in the Hotline’s co-production? Connect with us.

Volunteer team:

Vidhi Arora, Kristal Audish, Jay Carlon, Emerson Dameron, Asuka Hisa, Jacqueline Huang, Rachel Ly, Jila Mendoza, Alma Sofia Ramos, Nick Rosenblum, Leana Scott, Rahul Sharma, Tarini Sharma, Abigail Smith, Gian Maria Socci, Miles K. Stenehjem, Susannah Tantemsapya, Daniel Tovar, Rebecca van Beeck, Evan Walsh, Danny Wills, Torie Zakben, Alice Zhang

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